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Achim Hagemeier founded Kunsthandel Hagemeier in Frankfurt/Main in 1980.

During its early stages, our art gallery's focus rested on the artists of the 19th century, particularly from the Munich and D?sselfdorf School and the Kronberg painters' colony. In addition, we also organized solo exhibitions on several German expressionists, such as Franz Heckendorf (1985), Karl Luckhardt (1986), and Hans Feibusch (1987). The highlight of this period was a solo exhibition on Josef Scharl (1987) which featured a large collection of high-quality paintings, some of which were purchased by the Emden Art Gallery and the Essen Folkwang Museum.

Since 1990, the thematic focus of our art gallery primarily lies on the German Expressionists. Our permanent collection includes artists like George Grosz, Ivo Hauptmann, Josef Scharl, and Werner Scholz. A second thematic focus lies on German artists who emigrated to Italy before or during the second world war, such as Heinrich Steiner or Karl-Heinz Krause. The collection is complemented by internationally recognized artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Marino Marini, and Joan Mir?.

Since its establishment, our art gallery regularly organizes solo and thematic exhibitions. Some of the most important exhibitions from past years include Eduardo Chillida (2003), Eduard Bargheer (2005), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (2010), and Heinrich Steiner (2011).